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- Vacant homes need furniture rentals

- Vacant homes need accessory rentals

- Staged homes sells for more money

- Staged homes gives buyers a vision

- Gives homes an upscale look to merchandise the property

- Gives appealing photos

- Reaches buyer's expectations

- Creates emotion, warmth and welcoming

- More willing to walk through the home

- Quicker sale

- Appeals to aspirational buyer

- Need it done quick and efficient


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It's no longer a secret. Thanks to HGTV affecting the way buyers react to homes that are for sale, Home Staging is now considered a critical key component in merchandising a home for sale in this rapidly changing market.

Destined Dreams Home Staging and ReDesign Co. is Hamilton's leading home staging firm, crowned as Hamilton's #1 Home Staging Company for the Hamilton Spectator's 2017 Reader's Choice Awards.

Have our reliable, convenient and efficient team of accredited Stagers help make a great marketing impact on your client's listing with the magic of Home Staging.

Having a team of professional Home Stagers is worth the small investment because it yields far greater returns. The longer a home sits on the market, the more likely it will undergo price reductions that are often more than $5,000.

Destined Dreams offer customized solutions that accommodate you and your client in order to sell quicker and for more money. Whether it is a vacant home, semi-vacant, occupied or a home that is need of a touch of magic, call us and we will be more than happy to assist with consultations or Home Staging services.


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Things to Do Before a Showing

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Here's a seller's handy checklist with top tips to get their home ready for open house.  Sometimes, it's the little things we forget!

8 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

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8 Ways To Make A Small Bathroom Look Big

We all have that one bathroom in our home that feels like the inside of a sardine can when you walk in. It’s hard to believe that any bathroom could ever be that small, but alas, so many homes have this problem. It’s very hard to see how any change you make in such a small room will improve it and make it seem larger. However, there really are so many ways you can trick the eye into thinking your tiny bathroom is larger than it really is. We have gathered 8 of the best ways to make your tiny bathroom look bigger, all of which won’t completely break the bank. If you do any, or all of these, pretty soon you’ll enjoy spending time in your small bathroom.


1. Install A Pedestal Sink

One of the largest pieces of “furniture” in a bathroom is the vanity where the sink is usually installed. To save square footage in your small bathroom, completely remove the whole vanity and install a pedestal sink. These types of sinks take up very little room and will drastically increase the square footage in your bathroom and will make your room look much larger.


2. Make Your Shower See-Through

Anything that will break up the eye as you look around your bathroom like a shower curtain or heavy shower door will make the room look much smaller. In order to avoid this, try installing a completely smooth glass shower door so it looks almost as if there’s nothing even there. If doing so is not in your budget, try putting up a clear shower curtain where people’s eyes will still be able to look through it as if it’s not even there. If you really don’t want to have a clear shower curtain, choose a very light color and leave it as open as possible so it looks like it’s not even there.

3. Hang Shower Curtains As High As Possible

A wonderful way to trick the eye into thinking your small bathroom is much bigger than it really is is to hang your shower curtain as high as possible. Many people have learned this valuable lesson in their home when it comes to curtains in other rooms. The higher they are hung, the taller and larger the room looks. The same will go for your shower curtain. If you hang it almost as high as the ceiling it will make a large impact and make the room look so much bigger. You may have to buy an extra long shower liner and shower curtain, but I assure you that the impact will be worth the extra money you have to spend.

4. Use The Door For Storage

If you have very little wall space in your bathroom or very little storage, put some storage on the back of the bathroom door. You can install very small shelving where you can store toilet paper, hair accessories and products, cleaning products and more. You can also install some towel racks on the back of the door to hang extra towels from. This will free up the amount of things you need to store in cabinets and shelving on the walls.

5. Light It Up

Try to keep your bathroom as light as possible. If you have windows, don’t put any kind of window treatment on them if you don’t absolutely have to. If you must, use something that is sheer where it will keep your bathroom private, but still allow light to come it. If you don’t have the luxury of having any windows in your bathroom, keep as much light as possible in it. You can install extra vanity lighting as well as lighting in the ceiling. Try to get light bulbs that are very bright that will really light the room up and keep it light and airy.

6. Keep Everything White

When it comes to large furniture pieces or large decorative pieces in your bathroom, try to keep them white. The toilet, sink, shower curtain (unless clear), towels, shower tiles, paint, etc., should all be white. If they are all the same color it will trick the eye into thinking the room is one seamless large room and it won’t be broken up by large pieces in different colors. Also, the lighter colors in the bathroom, the better. Lighter colors will do two things: one, they will reflect more light, which will make the room seem larger, and two, they will visually look smaller when lighter in color. A darker color will look more bulky and large and appear as if it’s visualy taking up more space.

7. The More Mirrors, The Better

Most bathrooms have at least one mirror, but if your small bathroom does not have one, install one now! Mirrors are pivotal in making any room appear larger. They will reflect more light which will make the room seem brighter, and thus larger. They also trick the eye into thinking that there is more space beyond the mirror. It almost makes the eye think there there is a window there. If you can hang more than one mirror, then by all means hang more! You can also use mirrored decorative pieces like vases and trays to reflect more light. Like I said, the more mirrors, the better.


8. Less Is More With Decorations

When it comes to decorating your small bathroom, less is certainly more. You don’t want to clutter the space with lots of decorations. The more clutter there is, the more the room will feel like it is closing in on itself. Keep decorations at a minimum. You can actually decorate with functional items such as putting cotton swabs and cotton balls in pretty jars and vases or putting hand soap in beautiful containers.

Our Top 10 Home Staging Tips: Part 2

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6) Do a thorough deep cleaning of your home.

Even if you regularly clean your home and keep it well-maintained, every home should go through a special deep cleaning right before it goes on the market. This means scrubbing the windows, steaming the floors, and getting all of those hard-to-reach places that you usually skip. We recommend hiring a professional cleaning crew to come in to use their strong products and skills to make your home shine.

Some of the most overlooked spots are the baseboards, air vents, and ceiling fans. You will be amazed by how much of a difference it makes when these areas are dusted and polished. The baseboards especially make a big difference on how clean your home looks and feels. They often get scuffed up, so after cleaning up marks and damages, put a fresh coat of paint over them to make them look new.

7) Get rid of signs of pets and children.

Homes where pets and/or children have been living can be a turn-off to some buyers who think these homes have been less cared for than ones without them. In order to appeal to the highest number of buyers, you’ll want to limit the signs of pets and kids.

For pets, hide water and food dishes, toys, leashes, bedding, litter boxes and other items. You’ll also want to vacuum your home at least once (if not twice) a day. Keep the yard clean and make any repairs for damages that have been left behind by your furry friend. If possible, see if someone can pet sit for you while your home is on the market. (Click here to see more tips on staging with pets.)

For kids, it’s not important to hide all signs of them, but you do want to minimize the clutter and child-friendly décor as much as possible. Neutralize their bedrooms and make sure their toys are put away in attractive storage before any showings. We also recommend putting some of their stuff in an off-site storage unit or at a loved one’s house until the house is sold to limit as much clutter as possible. (Click here to see more tips on staging with kids.)

8 ) Make the bed every day.

This is a very simple step, but it can make a big difference! Make sure all the beds in the house are made every day before showings. A messy bed can make a room look cluttered and unappealing. You can even add some extra pillows, a throw and maybe even a tray with a couple of wine glasses on it to really set the stage and help buyers imagine it as their own personal retreat.

9) Set the table.

Another easy staging tip is to set the dining room table, breakfast table, and kitchen island (if it has bar stools) with plates, placemats, and stemware, and include a simple centerpiece on the first two. This small touch will ignite a buyer’s imagination. It makes the home feel warmer and more inviting, which will appeal to a home buyer’s emotions and help nudge them toward making a handsome offer.

10) Let the light in.

Good lighting is crucial to making a home look and feel great to buyers. If there are any trees blocking light from the windows, trim them back to allow the light in. Some homes lack good natural light, so in those cases, introduce some nice artificial lighting to the spaces that need it. You can also paint the walls in a lighter colorand use light fabrics on the window treatments. Light helps a space feel much larger and more open, two big selling features to all home buyers.

And there you have it – our top ten home staging tips for selling your home faster and for more money! 



Our Top 10 Home Staging Tips: Part 1

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Our Top 10 Home Staging Tips: Part 1

Staging your home for the market can give you a huge edge on the competition. With home sales on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure yours stands out. No matter what market you are in or what size home you have,home staging can make a huge difference. It will help you sell your home faster and for more money.

In fact staged homes are reported to sell for 17% MORE than a home that isn’t staged and spend an average of only 11 days or less on the market.

It’s no secret – home staging works.

So, how can you use it in your home? With over 10 years of experience in home staging, we know the home staging tips that make the most difference. Here are the first five home staging tips in our top ten that everyone should be doing. They are all easy to implement and most require only an investment of time.


1) Clean up your curb appeal.

Curb appeal is one of the most crucial elements of your home to get right. After all, if a buyer drives up and isn’t impressed with the exterior, they are likely to pass on even checking out the interior.

Take a few minutes to walk down to the curb of your home and look at it from a buyer’s perspective. Is the mailbox looking dingy? Are the house numbers clear? Are there trees covering up the windows?

Next, slowly walk up the driveway and to the front door, looking at every detail. Are there cracks in the pavement? Are there weeds sprouting? Do the gutters need to be cleaned? All of these small details can come together to make your home look unappealing to buyers. Take the time to spruce everything up because buyers will definitely take all of it into account.

2) De-clutter every room and closet.

De-cluttering is the act of getting rid of any unnecessary items that are on your floors, surfaces, and even your walls. The décor should be minimal when your home is up for sale. There should be very little on your countertops, so hide away appliances such as toasters and blenders. Take down all the magnets and artworkon your refrigerator. Thin out the décor on your shelves. All of these things will help your home feel larger, as items like these can make a home feel more cramped than it actually is.

Your closets should also be de-cluttered and organized. Buyers will be peeking inside of them, so if they are filled to the brim with items, they will be put under the impression that the house is lacking in storage space. Consider renting a storage unit or borrowing space in someone’s garage while the home is on the market to thin out what is there.

3) De-personalize your décor.

Take down any family photographs and children’s artwork before you start showing your home. While these are beautiful things to have around, they can distract buyers and make some of them feel uncomfortable. You want them to be imagining their new lives in the home, not thinking about how they are walking through a stranger’s house. Also, put away things like toothbrushes and other personal toiletries.

4) Neutralize your home’s color palette.

Buyers have a large variety of tastes. While in a perfect world, buyers would only look at the bones of a house and not worry about the cosmetic details, that is simply not true of the real world housing market. Things like bold paint colors, wallpaper, and outdated décor can be major turn-offs to home buyers. More buyers than ever want a “move-in ready” home, so if they walk through your home with a mental list of all the things they need to change before moving in, it’s likely they are going to submit a low offer or pump on the breaks altogether and choose another home that is move-in ready.

To make sure your home appeals to the widest range of buyers possible, it’s important to neutralize the color palette. Paint the walls in a neutral beige or gray and cover bold furniture in neutral slipcovers. If you have really colorful carpet, we recommend switching it out, but if it’s not in your budget then you can use some nice, neutral area rugs to offset the color.

Then, you can bring back in some color through smaller decorative accents. It’s all about giving buyers the opportunity to imagine their own décor in the home, not yours.

5) Take care of any repairs.

As homeowners, it is inevitable that there will be repairs needed in our home at some point. Even the best cared for homes will run into at least some issues in their lifetime. But leaving these issues to the next homeowners can be a major deterrent to potential home buyers. They will be calculating the cost as they tour the home and those calculations will affect the offer they submit – if they decide to submit one at all.

A home that is move-in ready is far more appealing to buyers than one that needs a lot of repairs. And, even if the repairs are small, they will have potential buyers wondering what else might be wrong with the home that they can’t see.

Stay tuned to find out what the next set of tips our in our top 10 home staging tips!