Destined Dreams Home Staging and ReDesign Co.

"A dream design that was destined to be!"

Dream Service Solutions

We offer a variety of packages for all kinds of homes.  

We provide ideal customized solutions for each individual home, from showcasing with home owners' furniture and accessories, to "mini-staging" to high end luxury homes and everything in between. We can do as little or as much as you need, as our services are suitable for any property and any budget!  We provide the best creative solutions, unique to the requirements of each property and do it with pricing that provides excellent value.

We've been destined to be of service to you if you are a:

Home Owner

Home Staging, Redesign, Consultation

If you're motivated to sell your home or condo quickly and attract a wide array of potential buyers with the option of selling for more money, our Home Staging Services (occupied or vacant) would be your choice.  Of if you feel to Redesign your home-to-stay and have it reflect you and your family's taste and style, our Redesign Home & Interior Styling Package would be your best choice.

This is also perfect for seniors looking to downsize to a smaller home or an assisted living facility. 

Real Estate Agent

Vacant, Occupied, Furniture Rental, Consultation

Change the way real estate is sold as a top agent utilizing the best marketing tool: Home Staging (occupied or vacant) we can be an imperative part of your team by helping you make great sales and create a super reputation amongst your clients.


  • Property Investor, House Flipper

Occupied or Vacant, Staging, Redesign, Furniture/Accessories Rental

Staging will help you maximize your profit whether you’re doing a flip or selling a property you’ve been holding onto for a while. Home Staging (occupied or vacant) is a small investment that helps to increase your profit.

  • Real Estate Developer, Home Builder, Model Homes, Renovator, Contractor

Vacant or New Homes, Design, Styling and Color, Furniture and Accessories Rental, Consultation

We can manage and execute home styling services at much lower costs than an interior designer, but with high impact for a faster and more profitable sale for a model home or new construction.  A Vacant Home Staging package would be your best bet.

Commercial/Corporate Property Investor

ReDesign, Color Consultation, Furniture Decor and Organization

Too busy running your business to create a more welcoming environment to your establishment?  We can help with the creative direction of your office site by making it look inviting and functional for you, your employees and your customers.

Property Manager/Landlord/Tenant

Rental Units staging, color consultation

Do you have rental units that need to entice top renters or do you have rental units that you wish to rent out furnished and for top dollar? Could your furnished apartment rental use a fresh new look for your tenants?  Is your apartment lobby in need of a desperate revamp?  W'e're here to help solve that problem with  Home Staging (occupied or vacant) or a ReDesign Home & Interior Styling package for a furnished rental .

If you're a Tenant looking to jazz up your rental home/apartment or condo and don't know where to begin, our ReDesign Home  & Interior Styling option is for you.



ReDesign, Decor and Furniture Rental

Are you planning an event, party, function or another type of social gathering but need your home or venue decorated with style, sass and flair?  We can help ease the tension of organizing your event by bringing the sparkle and shine with our ReDesign Home & Interior Styling package.  Let us help with your party presentation by making your event appealing, alluring and dreamy!



ReDesign Concierge


  • You are a busy professional or entrepreneur who has no time to focus on decorating your space.
  • You are moving into a brand new part of town and you know no one and have no time to search for the resources you need.
  • You are a professional yourself and understand the value of an expert to make it happen for you, instead of trying to figure it out yourself.
  • You believe in luxurious living and the importance of a space that nurtures your well being.
  • You want to work with an award-winning design firm who will listen to your needs and make it happen.


Destined Dreams' service focuses on the needs of clients who are looking for our expertise in designing their luxury spaces, in addition to providing a turn-key lifestyle package of setting up the home so it’s move-in ready

We create stylish, liveable and luxurious spaces for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, executives, professional athletes, young professionals and public figures.

We understand that time is money for our busy clients, so we take care of all the details of designing your new space so you don’t have to. We offer a turn-key lifestyle approach by having everything in place from the furnishings and technology, to the towels and linens. Our Concierge services can be used for a one time design and lifestyle need, or an ongoing maintenance package for your home.

  • Home: $399 for 2 hr consultation
  • Mini-restyle (i.e. restyling bookcases, etc.): $199 for first hour
  • Event styling: $100 consultation fee
    • $199/hr for additional hours of work
  • Mini-event styling (i.e. setting buffet tables, etc.): $199 /hr
  • Shopping fee (if applicable): $175/hr

Our Latest

Celebrity Events.

Luxury Events.

Special Events.

We service an elite clientele base with prime luxury event decor for special occasions.

We transform any space into a beautiful space!


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"Staging gives a positive first impression to the widest array of buyers.   Staging is the merchandising step of selling your house. "

Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd


*Please note our service fees are a reflection of results and value you can expect when working with us.

minimum of 1-Hour
  This is the launching step of prepping a property for sale inside & out.  We will conduct a thorough walk-through home analysis inspection report to determine how your property can be best represented for the optimum sale.  

  • We will identify what areas need extra attention, taking care of each and every detail.  This is the classic question of Do-It-Yourself sweat-equity versus a complete service, or somewhere in the middle.

  • We address common repairs, cleaning, curb appeal and declutter.  In addition to information on furniture placement, paint colour theories, accessories, art and lighting.

  • Consultations give customers a well detailed action plan of everything that needs to be done for their home to sell.  

  • Motivated sellers are open to suggestions and direction and more willing to have a professional point things out.

Disclaimer: Regardless of the decision you make, property staging should be completed before the property is even listed, to maximize results.

  • Inspection Report   =$250 

  • Walk 'N' Talk           =$200
  • Color Consultation  =$150

  • Home Assessment =$150

  • ReDesign Consult  =$250

  • Personal Shopping

=$175 hr (with a three hour minimum billed. $100 per hour for client accompanied shopping.) You can do the shopping on your own prior to installation day if you prefer.

  • Gift certificates available and can apply to any of our services ORDER NOW!

  • ReDesign + Personal Shopping = Design Concierge

  • FREE local estimates!

  • Fuel surcharge for homes outside of Greater Hamilton area

Vacant Property
Full Staging Service

*starting at $2,000 and up

- We offer several Vacant Property packages to suit your needs and budget as vacant homes don’t work in today's market.  
-We provide our chic and elegant furniture & accessory rentals to help package and present your home and set the stage for market re-sale.  These can be from vacant homes, model homes, unoccupied rentals, new builds & construction and would include furniture and any and all accessory rentals that are required.

Staging Packages includes:

-Dream Team designers & Project Manager

-Landscaping and curb appeal
-Room design & configuration
-Colour and décor decisions
-Rental coordination of furniture, delivery, set up and arrangement
-Furniture selection, sourcing & rentals
-Destined Dreams Decor kit including all eclectic accessories and lifestyle elements from our collection (ie. art, linens, lighting, tabletop decor, florals, etc)
Occupied Property Home Staging
*Starting at $1,800 and up 

Partial Staging Service

  • starting from $800 for a Showcase (no accessories, we will work with your furniture and accessories.)

  This service is offered for sellers that will continue to live in their home while it's on the market.  We will work with your existing homes furnishings and bring in our own quality inventory rentals if required.  If inventory rentals are not required, you have the option of having your home Showcased.

Staging Packages includes:

-Dream Team designers & Project Manager
-Landscaping and curb appeal
-Room design & configuration
-Colour and décor decisions
-Rental coordination of furniture, delivery, set up and arrangement
-Furniture selection, sourcing & rentals
-Destined Dreams Decor kit including all ecclectic accessories and lifestyle elements from our collection (ie. art, linens, lighting, tabletop decor, florals, etc)
-Home staging maintenance (optional additional service)
 ReDesign, Home & Interior Styling
  Interior Design Service
($199 per hour- minimum 4 hours)
Is your home in need of a dream makeover?
We're here to dream up something magnificent!

Our initial consultation our dream team will strateize design concepts for your space.  This entails paint selection, space planning, layout, furniture selection, space planning, layout, furniture selection, colour concept, storage solutions and every other details.  We will go over what is your taste and budget to suit your needs and lifestyle.  

We can offer: 

  • Event decor/design & styling (parties, receptions, weddings, showers, christenings/baptisms, charity gatherings, lounges/night clubs, open houses, restaurants, business launches, corporate functions, conference rooms, luncheons/lunch and learns and all other social gatherings)
  • Holiday decorating
  • Seasonal decorating
  • Makeovers
  • Room transformations
  • Space planning options and optimization
  • Day-covers
  • Colour consultations
  • Personal shopping, sourcing and selecting of accessories and decor lifestyle elements
  • Access to wholesalers, contractors and vendors with designer perks and discounts

This service is ideal for home owners, tenants, landlords, property developers and AirBnB hosts or anyone looking to enhance and enrich their space.

* Budget for property purchases is separate from ReDesigner costs.

PRICING: Prices depend on what the home requires as all homes differ from size, floor plan, location, furniture and accessories required and amount of hours and work.

Contact us to provide a free over the phone estimate, virtual assessments available based on all requirements.
Charges for Consultation are payable in full at time of service
Rental period for furniture and accessories for staging are for 30 days.  

50% deposit, full balance 
due on Staging day.

We accept credit card, cash, debit and email transfers. No cheques, no IOU's. 


•House cleaning
Carpet cleaning
•Furniture assembly 
•Garbage removal
•Flooring (sand/stain/etc)
•Dry walling
Electrical work/light install

Let the expert professionals of Destined Dreams be your resourceful one stop shop for your home.

We Stage
We Design, 
We Decorate
We Rent! 

Additional Services

  • Event Decor/Special Events
  • Weddings
  • Christenings
  • Baby Showers
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvahs
  • Baptisms
  • Table Placements
  • Holiday & Seasonal Decor
  • Window Displays & Showrooms
  • Private Dinner Parties
  • Charity Gatherings & Social Events
  • Space Optimizing
  • Corporate Offices, Reception Areas, Business Functions/Luncheons & Conference Rooms
  • Outdoor Patio 
  • Personal Shopping Concierge
  • Accessory & Decor Sales and Rent
  • Set Displays/Main Entrances
  • Downsizing for Seniors' Moves
  • Estate Sales
  • Colour Consultations
  • Set styling, propping, set decorator for TV and film
  • Restaurant, lounges, spas, hotel & hospitality, destination resorts, commercial and retail style, design and décor
  •  Ask us about Do-It-Yourself Staging and our DIY Packages