Charity by Destined Dreams - Home Staging and ReDesign Co.

As a proud Canadian business owner Destined Dreams is a firm believer in always giving back to the community in some way, shape or form.


Charity by Destined Dreams - Home ReDesign and Staging Firm in Hamilton

In September 2017 Destined Dreams launched its Blessing Bags initiative.  The Blessing Bags were filled with every day life essentials and donate to the YWCA Hamilton Transitional Living Program.  See link here.


*Every day essentials include but not limited to: clean underwear, toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, mouthwash, soap, deodorant, chapstick, Q-tips, tissues, water bottles, socks and more.


Stage with us and your generosity is cycled right back out into the community for good.

Donation and collaboration inquiries please email:

Be someone's hero!
"If you want more kindness in the world, put it there."



Thanks in advance.


Tamara Grant,