Why Staging Prices Depend on a Range of Factors


Blog by Destined Dreams

Whats included in staging prices. Why stagers say “it depends” when it comes to pricing.

Here’s why it does depend:


My range for 30 days could be $2,500 to $10,000!!!!

And here’s why:

    •    House or condo?
    •    List price? $350k or $3mill???
    •    Luxury list or midrange?
    •    How many rooms in home would you like staged?
    •    Are you staging just the primary bedroom or all bedrooms?
    •    Does the primary bedroom have a seating area?
    •    Is the kitchen an eat-in kitchen?
    •    Is there a separate dining room?
    •    Are you staging a guest room an office or a guest bedroom?
    •    Is there a separate living room and family room?
    •    Does the kitchen have an island where you need barstools? If yes, do you need 2? Or 5?
    •    Super high ceilings and lots of wall space? = bigger artwork needed
    •    If condo- can truck park downstairs? Or does it have to stay on main road and trek all the furniture to condo?
    •    If a condo do you have to spend time and money getting paperwork for elevator booking for staging day and destaging day?
    •    Wall to wall carpet or do you need rugs in every room?
    •    Is there a lot of glass and windows where you hardly need any artwork? Or do you need a lot of art?

…. And this is just off the top of my head!