10 Things That are Making Your Home Look Dated

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Are you taking your home buyers back in time to an era they find unappealing? When selling your home, giving it an updated look is important! Check out these 10 tell-tale signs — these things maybe making your home look dated and some easy solutions on how to tackle it!

Are You Selling a Dated Home?

1. Tacky Wallpaper and Borders

Most home buyers squawks at the sight of walls covered in flowers, stripes, stars, and other bold patterns from a bygone era that won’t coordinate with their existing furnishings.  They start thinking, “Here is one more time-consuming project I have to do if I purchase this home.”   If you want to sell your home quickly for top dollar, remove the wallpaper and borders yourself or hire a professional who specializes in this service.  It will be well-worth your effort and is one less objection your home buyers will have.

2. Your Window Treatments

Is the style or the colour scheme of your draperies, blinds, or shades sending a message, “I’m from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?”  Remove those heavy fabrics, tassels, and tie backs as well as those roller shades with the fringed trim.  If privacy or insulation is not an issue, let the view take center stage.  If they are, think about a more timeless treatment like a rod and sliding lightweight drapery or more current shades and blinds.

3. Gaudy Brass or Gold Light Fixtures

This will easily shed some light on how dated your home is to buyers the minute they walk into your house.  Visit one of the big-box home improvement stores and purchase new lighting fixtures. They have quite a selection of the latest trends at very reasonable prices, and you won’t appear to be selling a dated home if you replace them. Replacing that old gold builder’s light fixture can make a big difference in the over all look and feel of the house.

4. Your Wall Colours

Did you know that paint colour is the first thing people notice when they enter your home? Are you still showcasing hunter green, mauve, and peach or harvest gold and olive green? It’s time to give it a face-lift! Paint your home one neutral colour that has universal appeal.  Select a tasteful beige, tan, or off-white colour that will make your home look more spacious and appealing to the vast majority of home buyers.

5. Old–fashioned Door Hardware, Cabinet Pulls, and Plumbing Fixtures

It’s amazing what new cabinet pulls can do for your cabinets.  Make sure all of your door knobs and hinges are matching and on- trend.  The hardware on your front door should be removed if its’ finish looks worn and unattractive. Updating your faucets and spigots will help modernize your bathrooms and kitchen. Let a shiny, new front door handle welcome your buyers to come in and stay awhile.

6. Old, Worn-out Switch Plates 

As buyers turn lights on and off, they’ll notice those dirty, worn out or aged switch plates.  A trip to the hardware store can easily remedy this problem.

7. Old and Non Functioning Thermostat Control 

Removing this from your wall will take less than 10 minutes. If it doesn’t work anymore or if  you already replaced it for a new one, don’t forget it to take it off the wall.

8. Home Décor

Remove those old knick-knacks, bedding, dryer-worn towels, lamps, pillows, and other decorative accessories that date back to bygone years.  In fact it’s better to have fewer decorations so your home doesn’t look cluttered. Purchase bedding, towels, and lamps that reflect the current trends. Sometimes, a new lampshade can give an old lamp new life. Some of the larger home and house- hold goods stores offer a suitable selection in decorative  accessories.

9. Panelled Walls

Nothing screams 1960 louder than panelling in your home.  Ideally, it’s best to remove it, repair or replace the sheetrock, and paint the walls a neutral colour.  Another option is to paint the panelling (it’s faster, easier and inexpensive).  You‘ll need to prep the panelling to ensure that the paint adheres and you cover all the grooves.  Contact a home improvement store for advice or hire a paint professional.

10. Your Furniture Pieces

A Sleigh bed is a great example. As grand as a sleigh bed looks, it can really swallow up a bedroom, making the space seem cramped. The worst part is having matching dresser, vanity and night tables! It is better to replace it with a bed with a lighter feel to it when selling. If replacing it is not an option, at least remove the matching dresser and vanity to break the feel of heaviness in the room.

When selling your home, it’s clear that it should look updated and timeless to appeal to the largest number of potential home buyers. Dated, worn-out items tell a buyer that you are not maintaining your home properly.  Who wants to purchase a home that requires work and additional expenses? Make your home look move-in ready and it will sell faster ad for a better price. Don’t try to sell a dated home.