Top 7 Tips to Attract More Buyers with Your Listing Photos

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The internet has become a  powerful tool for home buyers when looking for a home. With just a click of a finger, you can browse an overwhelming listing of real estate depending on your specifications, budget and location. In fact, a recent national study done by Real Estate Professionals have shown that 89% of home buyers start their search online, and the same survey showed most of these buyers also found their homes through the  internet, rather than through a real estate agent.

“Homebuyers who shop online rate real estate photographs as the most important tools they use in their search for a new home.”   – The New York Times

When buyers have narrowed down the thousands of possibilities based on their specifications such as price-range, location, and number of rooms, the next thing prospective buyers look at are the photos. These property photos are your first (or maybe the last) chance to make a good impression. That is why it is essential for home sellers to post quality real estate photos to get noticed among thousands of online listings.

Hire a professional. If you aren’t handy with a camera, hiring a professional is the best way to go.  Ask for their portfolio and ask about their experience before making your choice; keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Your goal is to achieve a great shot of your home; a lousy photo reflects poorly of you – buyers can always tell.

Stage every room.  A staged home translates beautifully in photos. Consider hiring a professional home stager if you cannot do it yourself.  Home stagers can work wonders; they are keen on design trends and can make a bigger impact by increasing the emotional appeal of your listing photos through proper staging.

More is more.  Home buyers would want to see more than just your beautiful front door. Put up photos of your main living areas – living room, dining room, and master bedroom/bathroom.  Include photos of your play room, family room, exercise room, or theatre room if you have any. Buyers like seeing as many photos as they can.

Light Source.  Be mindful of the lighting when taking your photos. Natural light works best when taking photos. Try not to take photos at night or when it’s raining, as photos tend to look flat and dreary.

Give it your best shot. Quality is of utmost importance when taking your photos; using your cellphone is definitely not a good idea.  Use a professional or digital camera with high resolution to achieve better image and picture quality.

Review and Edit.  After you’ve taken all your photos, sit down and edit your shots.  Improve shot by using basic photo-editing enhancement techniques.  Crop out unnecessary parts of images like floors or ceilings to improve photo composition.

Stay true to your listing.  Avoid photographic tricks such as making a room appear significantly larger than it is. Misleading photos will only turn buyers off when they show up at the house and realize it isn’t what they expected.

These property photos are your first (or maybe the last) chance to make a good impression for buyers online,  you MUST  give it your best shot.