Top 5 Tips to A Beautifully-Staged Bedroom

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Every room in your house should be showcased at its best when it is time to sell, including your bedrooms. A bedroom that is beautifully done is a great way to arouse interest and, more importantly, to convince your prospective buyer that this will be their next relaxing retreat!

Staging your bedroom is easier than you think; do not over-think it. Keep in mind that your goal is to show as much space as you can and to showcase a clean, organized, clutter free room (with a little pretty) that anyone would love. Follow these five tips and you should be on your way to staging your bedroom in a breeze.

Size matters. Your bed should fit comfortably in your bedroom.  Do not use an over-sized bed in a small room or fill the room with furniture in an attempt to make it look bigger.  You can never fool your prospective buyers; instead, edit your furniture to the minimum (or less than minimum) to show off more space.  If there isn’t enough room for a proper sitting area, don’t bother trying to create one. It will only make your bedroom look smaller and more cluttered.

Hype up the focal point.  The bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom and the first thing that your prospective buyers will see when they enter the room, so dress it up and make it shine.  It’s ideal for a bed to have a headboard to frame it and two night tables for symmetry.  While lamps are great, ensure that they are of the right size and style to compliment your headboard, pillows, and bedding.

Keep it calm and relaxing.  Avoid using bedding with a bold pattern and loud colours.  Aim for a “hotel feel”  by using crisp white linens, white pillows, and white duvet covers that gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Accessorize with one colour, just enough to create visual interest.  Its easy to do, it always works, and always a hit with the prospective buyers!

Clear your bedside table and get organized. Get rid of any clutter such as books, magazines, photos, and knickknacks. These objects will attract attention and can distract prospective buyers from focusing on the best attributes of the room. Don’t forget your closet! Prospective buyers will want to look in closets as well, so make sure that they are well organized.

Show off more space. This is important, your prospective buyers are always looking for extra space so make one! Get rid of miscellaneous items like hampers, large collections of personal belongings from dressers, and entertainment centers. While this maybe practical, these items can contribute to clutter and should be removed while selling. Your prospective buyer should be able to gracefully scan the room when they enter. This will create the illusion of space, instantly.

It’s essential that you are disciplined to keep the your bedroom  as pristine as possible during this time.