Five Ways to Prepare Your House and Yourself for the Sale

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  1. Emotionally disconnect from the house

This is the first and most important thing to do.  You want the buyer to create an emotional connection, envision their furniture in the space so they can start creating their own memories.  To start, take out items that make your house a home.  Get rid of any personal collections, diplomas, pictures.  Get buyers to focus on the house, the flooring, the updated kitchen—not your stuff


  1. Make room for buyer’s vision

Remove personal photos, diplomas, posters or artwork.  Pack away religious pictures, artifacts, dishes and statues.  When in doubt take it out.


  1. Pack up and store half of your stuff

You’re moving anyway right?  Equity gets eaten up by piles of clutter.  Pack, store, sell or donate anything smaller than a football.  Start this task as soon as you decide to list the house, that way it’s not so overwhelming right before the move.  It’ strongly recommended to rent out a storage unit or a portable pod.  You can have a clean dry potable container delivered right to your driveway.  These containers are available in several sizes and once the pod is full, you can call and have it picked up.  It is stored safe and sound and delivered to your new home when you’re ready to move in.


  1. Organize closets, cupboards and drawers

Closets, drawers and cupboards are open for inspection as a buyer gets closer to making an offer.  Adequate storage is one of the top things buyers are looking for in a new home, closets need to look organized and shown that there is plenty of space for the buyer’s things.


  1. Refresh the exterior

Within seconds of driving up to a house, buyers make assumptions about it that they spend the rest of the tour confirming.  Replace or painting the front door and garage door with one of our suggested exterior colours will draw buyers in.  Paint or change outdoor railings or outdoor steps.  In the winter keeping the porch shoveled, salted and sanded.  A lot of people are working during the day and have the option of looking at houses at night.  Ensure the house is well lit up at night, the house numbers are not faded our outdated, subliminaly show the message that you’re inviting the buyer in making your exterior look inviting and welcoming