6 Signs You Need the Help of a Home Stager

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When it is time to sell, working with the right stager can make a big difference in making this transition easy and stress free for you and your family. If you are unsure if you should work with a stager, here are six signs that will tell you it’s time to pick up the phone and call a professional stager in your area.

1. You barely have the time to do your daily chores. If you are already swamped with house-hold chores, work, and family life, it is time to a call a stager. Preparing a home for sale requires more of your time that you do not have right now. It can take days or even weeks, depending on your home’s condition to cover and fix everything that needs to be done.  With so much on your plate, tackling staging on your own, on top everything else going on, is not a good idea. Call a stager who can give full attention and full-time to ensure your home is properly staged and showcased.

2. You have no idea that furniture rental companies exist. If you have decided to showcase your home using all your existing furniture that doesn’t really speak and justify your listing price because you thought that’s the only option for you, it’s time to call a stager.  While some existing furniture in your home can be used, stagers have access to a large inventory of beautiful furniture pieces that can make your house look stunning and beautiful. Not to mention the unlimited stock of eye-catching accent pieces that can improve your home’s visual impact to buyers.

3. The terms vignette, rule of three, or colour repetition does not ring a bell to you. The job of a professional stager is to create the emotional connection to your buyers by showcasing a stunning home that everyone will fall in love with. This is achieved by using decorating techniques to hype up visual impact through small vignettes, by using the right colour scheme to accentuate your home’s finishes, to improve the look and feel of all the rooms through proper furniture lay out, by injecting the right decor elements to keep the buyer’s eye busy, and a lot more. If you don’t have a bit of flare for any of this, call a stager.

4. You have no idea of your target buyers. Staging your home without the knowledge of who your buyers will be is like driving without knowing your destination. You can get lost. Knowing your target demographics is a must when preparing your home for sale. Aside from their knowledge of the latest decorating trends, stagers do their research before taking on any project.  They will investigate what is selling, what the real estate trends are, and comparables in your location to help maneuver the sale in your favor. Knowing your target buyers is key to an effective staging.

5. You are outshined by your competition. If houses are selling fast in your location but yours hasn’t received any interest from buyers in the last 30 days, call a stager. Selling is like a beauty contest for houses, the better your house is presented and dressed, the shinier it is in the eyes of the judges.  Stagers are like fashion consultants for homes, they will dress-it-up nicely to give it an edge and stand out from the rest of the competition to have a better chance of grabbing every buyers attention.

6. You suck in handling projects. If dealing with contractors like painters, movers, cleaners, declutterers, refinishers, and others is something you don’t like doing, call a stager. At times, staging requires help from third party contractors, depending your home’s condition. It can get a little hectic and stressful because everybody has his or her own schedules and deadlines to follow. If this is something you are not comfortable with handling, call a professional home stager.

Most home sellers refuse the idea of working with a stager in an effort to cut cost, and save a little bit of money, which can be a costly mistake.  Hiring a professional home stager is not an expense but rather a small investment to give your home a greater chance of a better closing offer.