Top Five Things To Look For When Hiring A Home Staging Professional

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Home staging is a science as much as an art. Hiring a professional home stager allows you to take your mind off the marketing aspect of selling your home. When you leave it to your stager, it’s much easier to focus on the future and finding your new dream home.

A professional stager will know how to maximize the flow and impact of each room by placing the right sized furniture in just the right spot. They know how to arrange things in place, so your eye is drawn to its best features – like a gorgeous fireplace, or a room’s beautiful view of the backyard.

Think about other houses in the area also vying for your buyer’s attention. Your home can stand out much more with good staging. Remember that property listings that photograph well are fun to walk through and effortlessly marketable.

So if you’re looking for someone to help speed up the selling process through visually stunning staging setups, here’s a list of the top five things to look for when hiring a professional home stager.

1. Make sure you hire a certified professional stager.

It’s important to feel comforted by the fact that you can trust your most valuable asset to someone who went through formal training to acquire the skills needed to attract buyers. Beware of hobbyists or those who like to decorate on the side. Home staging is much more than that. It’s about showcasing the positives, downplaying the negatives and emphasizing the focal point of the room. Don’t be scared to shop around and interview a couple of home stagers to compare price, strategies, and recommendations for your home.

2. Hire someone with a viable website and a portfolio.

Since you’re hiring someone in a ‘visual’ field, it’s important to consider someone with a viable website and portfolio. See how they express themselves and review their work. If you find yourself leaning towards a certain style, choose that stager.

Beware of some people presenting photos as their own work. It’s important to ask questions about the photographs they present. If they can’t tell you details about the house or you’ve seen the same pictures on another stager’s website from the same training program, this should raise a red flag.

3. Look for the value you get, not the price you pay.

Consider hiring a professional stager as an investment in the sale of your largest asset. A stager is trained to increase your home’s appeal to your ideal buyer. With a stager’s help, you can escalate your selling power and get more money to utilize in your next space.

Keeping that in mind, don’t just hire someone with the lowest bid for the sake of having a staged home. Talk to a few staging professionals about what they can offer, their strategies and how they can help increase the sale value of your home. Hire the one you feel you can trust and can bring the most to the table with a price you can get on board with.

4. Proven track record with results.

This is more about looking for practical experience. An experienced home stager should be able to tell you about the many homes they’ve bought, staged and sold of their own.

Real estate agents are often your best source of information to find a stager this way. They develop long ongoing business relationships with many stagers and can separate the hot from the not-so-hot to give you an excellent recommendation.

5. Positive client testimonials.

While browsing through a home stager’s website, look for testimonials on the website and through other sources online. You shouldn’t hire someone to stage your property without hearing about others’ experiences with them. If there are too few or none, don’t be afraid to contact the stager to ask for references. A professional stager will understand the importance of great references and will have them readily available.

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