Common Mistakes People Make When Home Staging for a Quick Sale

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If you’ve placed your house on the market and want a quick sale, home staging is the best option. Professional home stagers focus on the visual narrative rather than the size of home you own. It could be staging one room or an entire house, they have the knowledge to showcase key elements that make an excellent first impression to buyers.

 Unfortunately, creating a selling image isn’t always easy. Often, over-enthusiastic sellers list their home in a hurry which can drop the price and property value. Moreover, in other cases, some laidback sellers wait for the last minute to stage their home and end up making it inconvenient for both, the buyer and the stager.

 As a seller, you want your house to remain in the market for a short time but sell at a high price. To help you achieve this, here is a list of common mistakes made by people and how to avoid them when trying to sell your home.

1. Staging a home yourself. Trying to stage a home on your own to save money could skimp on value as there are design and marketing elements involved in staging. A better option is to consult a professional home stager.

 2. Shopping for a stager based on price. Remember, you get what you pay for. Not every stager is considered equal. Price is only an issue when the value is a mystery. Customers should shop for a stager based on value, so be sure to check out their credentials, testimonials, and portfolio.

 3. Placing a house on sale as it is. You may not realize the benefit of investing in home staging and so spending additional money may not seem reasonable to you. However, listing a house as it is could put the sale of your house at risk. To fix this mistake, you should consider a home consultation or hire a professional stager to accessorize the property and provide solutions. It is essential to display your best house photos online as it is the first place a buyer goes to before even entering your house. This way, you end up on the buyer’s must-see list. Home staging will enhance your home and give you the opportunity to garner more money and increase open house foot traffic.

 4. Listing a vacant home. Vacant homes are harder to sell and take longer on the market. They list a home vacant due to budget constraints. These homes not only look smaller, but they also make for an uncomfortable open house as it is not as inviting as a staged home. When it’s empty, it’s harder for buyers to envision themselves in the home. It’s also easier for buyers to spot imperfections which will lead to a price negotiation.

 5. Staging a home at the last minute. Staging takes time to prepare. It involves design planning, home assessing, booking staff, furniture, and accessories, and reserving a date. It is necessary to schedule an appointment in advance to give homeowners sufficient time to prepare as well as find a stager who can make time for them amongst their other clients. You want to avoid last minute booking as some stagers may charge an expedite fee or you may be too rushed to get everything completed. Ensure your stager is booked first before the photographer and that the photographer is booked on the day of staging or the next day.

 6. Agreeing to a low price. Some customers are willing to settle and opt for a price reduction which is always more than investing in home staging services. It’s better to put $10 in and get $30 out instead of losing 5-15% when your home is your most significant investment. You want to maximize the value of the house, not reduce it. Understand staging is an investment to enhance the look of your home, maximize potential and attract the biggest pool of buyers.

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