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Over the past few years, the real estate market in many Canadian cities has become increasingly competitive. Many homeowners sought out the services of a home stager to attract more buyers, and sell their homes quickly, at an attractive price.

At Destined Dreams, we’ve noticed an influx of home staging customers and have enjoyed helping homeowners achieve fantastic home selling results across Hamilton and Greater Toronto Area. To help our clients stay in-the-know, here are our predictions for the future of home staging.


Increased Demand for Home Staging

As the trend of home staging progresses, soon every home will be staged and home staging will be as crucial and expected as a home inspection. Clients looking for staging services will need to have a discerning eye to work with the best home staging team in order to compete with other staged homes.

With the popularity of home staging services increasing each year, there will be more stagers entering the industry and more demand. The Destined Dreams team has already established ourselves as the best home staging team. Our services our tried, tested and true. Clients can trust us to help them create a perfectly staged home to reduce time on the market and sell their homes for the maximum possible price.

The increased demand for home staging services is an overall positive position for clients and the industry as a whole. For our clients, they can elevate the look and perceived value of their home, making it more comparable to others on the market. At Destined Dreams, we look forward to our business volume increasing as clients will seek the best home staging team that can get the job done beautifully and efficiently. The industry will be affected positively as it will grow and stand firm. People will know staging is the only way.


Rising Home Staging Costs

A second prediction in the future is the cost of staging will increase as it will become more and more of a necessity and a demand. Stagers will be busy staging, so it will be important to book in advance if you want the best staging team you desire. In addition, price is always an issue for clients so it is important to understand staging homes is an investment with the purpose to make more money from the sale and fewer days on market.

As home staging becomes more of a necessity, and less of a luxury for the real estate industry, Destined Dreams looks forward to creating high-end looks to compete at a fair price that shows value.

For our clients considering home staging, we understand that money is always an issue and costs are already high when it comes to selling and preparing to move. Our advice to clients is to include the investment of home staging early on in the pre-list process.


Clients Will Have More Choice When Hiring a Home Staging Company

As home staging becomes more of a necessity, you will start to see the professional staging companies shine. Professionals like to work with other professionals.

This ensures our clients will receive the best quality home staging service in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area. As the increased competition in the market weeds out the tire kickers, the true professionals will stand out. Clients will be able to differentiate our work from small low-ball staging prices offered by subpar staging companies.


The Bottom Line

These predictions are overall positive for clients because they will be guaranteed to have the best service provider. Destined Dreams welcomes these changes in the home staging industry because we've already made our mark and will continue to. In addition, the raised awareness about the importance of home staging will help home sellers achieve or surpass their goals.

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