Staging Tips When Selling During the Winter Months

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For home sellers who do not have the luxury of time to wait until spring, preparing your home properly and staging it right is important when selling during this cold season.

Staging Tips When Selling During the Winter Months

Here are some staging tips that can help you get a hot offer when selling in the cold winter months.

Start from your exterior

For better curb appeal and safety during house showings, keep walkways and driveways salted and free of snow. You want to make sure your home looks well maintained.  If you don’t have time,  or away for most of the time, it helps to pay or hire a service to regularly salt or shovel the driveway and side walks while your house is on the market.

Don’t forget your windows

Windows are one thing that many sellers don’t even consider. During the winter months, windows can accumulate grime, it prevents natural light from the rooms, and can make your home look its not well maintained. Have your windows washed, both inside and out when possible.

Lights on

Turn the lights on regardless of the time of day during showings.  The winter season is already dark and depressing; give your home a glow! Replace all busted lights  and make sure to put extra lighting on the dark areas of your home.  Layer your lighting, use table lamps, floor lamps, and reading lamps if necessary.

Take advantage of natural light

It is best to schedule showings during the high-daylight hours (10 am to 3 pm, if you can).  Make the most of the light you do have. All blinds should be rolled up to the top and curtains pushed to the sides to allow as much natural light during showings.

Make it comfortable and cozy

Set the scene and help the buyers see themselves living happily in your house. Small things can make a big difference, consider things such as putting a warm throw on the sofa or using a nice thick comforter on the bed.

Use warm colours to accessorize the rooms

Using a warm color such as red, orange, and yellow can help make the room look and feel warm and cozy.  These colors are associated with fire, heat, and warmth, you can use  it through pillows, rugs, and art work and other accessories.

Set the mood

If you have a gas fireplace, turning it on right before your house showing can give the house a little ambience. Make sure your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature for buyers to linger, stay  and appreciate the warmth and comfort of your home.