Top Five Questions To Ask When Hiring A Home Stager

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Home staging may not be mandatory in the home selling process, however, it is a crucial step. Your home is worth thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to sell it for its exact worth.

Home stagers help you see the potential of every room and facilities (fire-place, swimming pool, etc.) in your house. They create neutral settings that allow potential buyers to envision themselves living there. It helps buyers develop emotional connections with the house making it easier for you to obtain quick offers on your home.

However, there are a variety of home staging experts available today, and searching for the right one has become an exhausting affair. The best person for the job meets specific criteria, and to help you know if you’ve found a match, here are five questions to ask when hiring a home stager.

1. Are you a full-time stager?

Home staging is catching up as a part-time working option for many youngsters in the field of interior designing. However, these novices are not well equipped to handle all the complexities of home staging. Moreover, they may not be available when you need them the most. As a result, hiring a home stager who works full time, is critical.

2. How many homes do you typically stage in a year?

Next, you need to understand how many projects the stager handles in a year. Hire the one who confidently shares the number of homes they’ve staged and sold. Details of their past staging projects will be helpful to get a realistic timeline for the sale of your home.

3. Where do you rank in the staging industry?

With the competitiveness in the staging industry, it pays to hire someone with a good ranking. You can ask to see their awards and reviews given by clients as well as industry experts who prove the credibility of the home stager.

4. How long have you been in the staging business?

Home staging is a complete art, and a professional with enough experience in the business knows exactly how to highlight the positives and downplay the negatives of a house. They also have a good network of real estate agents to help you strike the best deal.

5. Do you have references and reviews we can verify?

Last but not least, check the home stager’s online reviews and if possible past references too. Testimonials will help you make the right decision while hiring a home stager.

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