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Empty Houses Don't Sell - Here is Why

A significant number of new built or renovated homes have been put up for sale empty.

Some of these houses just sit on the market for months. The major reason why they have not sold is because they are empty. The question is why are they not staged?

Unfortunately, the home owners are not aware of the power of staging or they think staging is an unnecessary expense. They don’t realize that the cost of staging is many times less than the first price reduction their realtor will suggest if the house doesn’t sell quickly. When I ask Realtors, “why do you think this house is not selling?” they answer, “it’s because the buyers are not sure which room to use for what purpose and whether or not their furniture will fit in. They complain about the layout and the use of space. They think some areas are a waste of space.” Even when the Realtor suggests to the buyers’ possible uses of the certain space, they still can’t visualize how that space would look like furnished.

A professional home stager will address all these issues. We will establish the function of each room of the house and show the spaces in the best possible way. Your previously empty house will become a welcoming home complete with beautiful furnishings and art. It will become a space everyone would love to call their own. A professionally staged space will leave no doubt in the buyers’ minds about the proper use of space or whether or not their possessions will fit in. They will be able to visualize themselves and their family living in the house. As a result, staged homes sell fast, sometimes within days – even if they were on the market for months before they got staged.

So what is the formula for successful sale?

  1. Consult a staging professional first
  2. Get your property professionally staged before you list it
  3. Calculate the cost of staging into the final listing price
  4. List your house and watch it fly of the market before you can say “Staging works”!

It’s been proven time and time again – staging works and empty houses don’t sell!