Your Kitchen is Key to Selling your Home

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Your Kitchen is Key to Selling Your Home

A great kitchen is always a plus when selling your home.  It is the most important room in the house that can potentially sell your home faster and increase your closing price. Showcasing your kitchen in its full potential can make a big difference.

Clean it up from top to bottom. Before the first buyer steps in, make sure your kitchen is sparklingly clean! Start scrubbing those kitchen tiles, make sure the grout in between tiles is free of dirt, mold or stain. If your kitchen floor is badly damaged and cannot be saved through cleaning, it’s time to consider putting on new flooring.  Check all the cupboard doors, fixed all the loose hinges, clean the inside cupboards and get rid of all the things that shouldn’t be there. Check for small cracks, peeled off paint, or dirty vents; these are small things that can be easily remedied. Replace dated knobs and handles – easy and inexpensive but can make your kitchen doors and drawers look new again.

If you can smell it, you can’t sell it. Studies have shown that kitchen is the dirtiest room of the house, with it comes unpleasant odors. This is a serious concern that MUST be addressed when selling. Click on this link for tips to eliminate and neutralize these unpleasant odors.

Clutter is a deal-breaker. The kitchen is the center of activity in a house, it is the focal point of every home. A great rule of thumb for the staging of a kitchen is to leave no more than two appliances on your counter, clutter is your enemy. After you’ve de-cluttered the counter top, soften and bring in visual interest by adding in fresh fruits, new dish towels, plants or fresh flowers.

Stainless appliance is king. It may cost a little to upgrade major appliances but it’s definitely worth the investment. Modernizing your kitchen is a smart way to start if you plan to sell your house in the near future. Stainless appliance has always been on top of the buyer’s list if you decide to do so. If you can’t replace appliances, be sure to have them repaired and spotlessly clean. Give special attention to cleaning the fridge and stove as buyers often check them.

Lighting. Make sure all the light fixture is clean and all light bulbs are working. If you’re still using the builder’s fixture till now or stuck with a dated fixture, now is the best time to replace it.  A lot of stores offers inexpensive and more modern light fixtures that can give your kitchen a new glow. Remove your old dirty blinds and the let the light come in.  Add a small table lamp in dark corners if needed.

Don’t forget the kitchen sink! Sellers almost always take this for granted. Don’t!  Your “sinkware” such as your faucets, soap dispensers and sinks is vital in the over-all look and feel of your kitchen.  Replacing your dated faucets into a shinier more modern one is the best way to give the kitchen a new look. Remember, buyers love to turn on the kitchen faucet during house showings.

The kitchen is the most important room and the biggest selling feature in your house, stage it properly to impress every potential buyer!