Tips on How to Stage a Bathroom

Destined Dreams |

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms to stage when selling a house. Whether it be a small 2-piece or a full size spa-like luxury bathroom, one thing remains the same, your bathroom has to have a big impact when selling, so stage it and make it shine!


1. Make Sure it is Impeccably Clean. Every surface should be wiped and  must be sparklingly clean. Polish everything that is supposed to be shiny  and scrub  water marks, soap scum and any stains in the sink, toilet, and  tiles.  Re-caulk the tub, for a clean look, if necessary. Don’t forget the hard to reach areas behind the toilet and under the sink. Cleaning is of utmost importance because nobody wants to see a dirty bathroom.  Don’t forget the vanity mirror!


2. Replace Bath Curtains. If your bathroom has a shower curtain, chances are it’s starting to grow mold along the bottom. But even if it’s not, it’s still a good idea to get a new shower curtain.  White or neutral fabric curtain works best. Avoid using patterned or themed bath curtains as it can easily overwhelm this already small space. White fabric curtains which mimic the spa-like feel is always a hit with buyers. It’s pleasing to the eyes and can make your bathroom appear cleaner and bigger.


3. Clear The Clutter.  No one wants to see your personal hygiene products. When selling, clear every surface of all your daily care products. Leaving stuff on show distract buyers as they start to see your lifestyle and not the room. Invest in some small tote containers  or wicker baskets, one for every member of the household. Keep the everyday toiletries in these baskets (in a separate room) and only take them into the bathroom when needed. This will keep your bathroom clutter-free while your house is on the market.


4. Tile & Grout. If the tiles are in good condition and the colour works, give them a thorough scrub, to remove built-up grease and grime. If the grout is in good condition but discoloured then use good old bleach & a tooth brush to bring the whiteness back (wear protective goggles & gloves) or use a grout pen to restore the whiteness. If the grout has cracked and fallen out, pay for a tiler to re-grout; it will make the tiles look good as new. If your tiles are “old fashioned” in colour or style then consider painting over them with a special tile paint.


5. Accessorize. Purchase pretty towels, and DON”T use them!  You can never go wrong with white towels if you’re unsure, but you can also use two coordinating colours if you want to be more daring. Make one a neutral colour and add hand towels on top in an accent colour. If you have a counter, add apothecary jars in different sizes and shapes filled with shells, cotton balls, bath salts, satin flowers, etc. Also, a basket filled with rolled-up towels makes a bathroom look inviting and contributes to that spa-like feel.


Lastly, NEVER ever use the rugs that fit around the base of the toilet, you know the ones that come with a  matching decorative toilet seat cover too! It is not hygienic, it’s a big turn-off for buyers, and it makes your bathroom look a lot smaller.