Destined Dreams Home Staging Case Study 101

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What were the different problems the client faced due to the issue ?

Our challenge was the home owners felt their real estate agent was neglecting them and not
representing their listing in the best light. They wanted to bring out their home's true potential,
leaving no money on the table.

 After thinking over the situation, what was your strategy to tackle the issue/resolve
the problem? And how did you finally tackle the issue/resolve the problem ?

We were able to refer the home owners to our real estate network and they were able to choose
an agent of their preference. We were able to coordinate the move of their living room furniture,
the real estate agent had a professional handyman come in to replace light fixtures and paint up
patches. Destined Dreams & Team staged in the morning and the photographer did their magic
in the afternoon. The transformation was completed beautifully, pictures popping out on online
viewings, and the staging made open houses and private viewings an extra special experience.
This home sold firm in 8 days after multiple offers and bidding wars, resulting in a final offer well
above the sellers asking price. Such a great return on their investment in time and money!
Their only regret was that they didn't contact us months ago to save the headache!

 What were the challenges you faced while trying to resolve the issue ?

The home owners lived out of province at this time now because of a job change and needed
trustworthy professionals to help with recommendations for a new, reputable and savvy realtor
to help coordinate and speed up the process. They had already lost 45 days on the market and
losing countless dollars in the carrying costs of two homes.

Approximately how long did it take did you tackle the issue ?

Only a few hours in the morning