How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

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For people who are trying to sell their homes, there are many pitfalls to avoid on their way to getting the best deal. mentions the more obvious ones: pricing a property competitively, marketing it effectively, and negotiating a good sales price with prospective buyers. But apart from the major ones, there are smaller hazards that homeowners are often unaware of.

An example is staging a home correctly to make the best impression on buyers. The main issue with home staging is that almost everyone thinks they know how to do it.

What could be so difficult about arranging furniture and setting up décor that a homeowner would need to hire a professional to do it? This is why even when homeowners see the value of staging a home that is on sale, they do not think they need a professional stager to handle it.

Furnishing and décor is something homeowners do often, so it is hard for them to see what a professional home stager can do for them. But is this assumption right?

This article looks at why property owners need professional home stagers.

  1. Professional home stagers are marketing experts

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    This is the chief misconception owners have about home staging. When owners decorate a space, they do it from the perspective of interior design: aesthetics and comfort.

    This is far different from the objectives of a professional home stager. These are marketing experts who are more concerned about the effect of furnishing on people's buying decisions than how nice the pieces look.

    In relation to the best features of the home, the owner can try to explain those to buyers, but a professional stager shows it to them via arrangement of the space.

  2. Professional Stagers make a house truly market-ready

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    Regardless of how much they try not to be, homeowners will be sentimental about their houses. This is natural and it can interfere with their ability to market the home. Owners typically assess a property from the perspective of a seller instead of a buyer.

    Conversely, professional home stagers are as dispassionate as buyers in the way they appraise a property. They detect issues that buyers will raise and advise owners on how to solve them.

    This gives the owner knowledge of questions that buyers are likely to ask; helping them create an all-round better image for the property.

  3. Professional stagers turn houses into dream

    When a person buys a house, they are investing in a long-held dream. Beyond being a shelter from the elements it is also a mark of their success and status.

    All these come to play when a prospective buyer walks through a property. In addition to their questions about the tangible aspects of a property, they really want to know if it is the dream home.

    Professional stagers transform a property from a house to a dream home. They arrange spaces to evoke the most positive emotions in the heart of buyers.

  4. Professional stagers play to the strengths of a property

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    Home stagers understand spaces; they know how to draw attention to a home's strengths. They also know how to mask their weaknesses.

    They can make a small space appear bigger in pictures, as well as, in reality. They can deploy their interior design skills with such effectiveness that even when a buyer sees flaws, they are willing to overlook them.

    This is because the highlighted features of the house have become so prominent in the buyer's mind that they don’t think the flaws matter.

  5. Professional home stagers use the web to sell houses faster

    Home staging is all about marketing. And the web offers the quickest and shortest route to the most number of people. Professional home stagers know how to use the web to their advantage.

    When they arrange a space, they do it for maximum impact and exposure, with an online audience in mind. By combining colors, furniture pieces, eye-catching décor, lighting, and professional photography they create images that stick and are highly shareable.

    This increases the likelihood that the advert will land in front of an eventual buyer, leading the property to sell faster.

  6. Professional home stagers help owners make more money

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    In addition to selling faster, well-staged homes sell for more money. On average, staged houses attract higher offers than similar homes that have not been staged at all or are poorly staged.

    The fact that the prospective buyers already see themselves living in the house leads them to make a bigger offer. That is due to them not wanting to lose the home to a rival buyer and also because they unconsciously place more value on the property if they already imagine living there.

    A well-staged property can put as much as 5% more in the owner's pocket.

    The expertise of a professional home stager often begins where those of a homeowner’s end. The home stager is an ally who helps owners see into the minds of buyers. This allows the owner to preempt a buyer's question, making it harder for that buyer to say no to a property.