On-Site Consultation Vs. E-Consultation

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With the advancement of digital technology, several industries have moved online or introduced digital aspects to their business to increase convenience, and also currently, to encourage social distancing. To keep up with the times and offer clients the benefits of digitization, even the home staging industry has introduced certain online features to their services.

At Destined Dreams, we have decided to add E-consultations to our list of services to make it easier for homeowners and realtors to prepare houses for showings and listings. However, for those of you who are concerned about how this service works or in case you’ve never been in a staging consultation before, we have shed some light on the modern and traditional consultation methods. Keep reading to know how an on-site consultation and E-consultation fair against each other.

1. On-site consultation

When you book an on-site consultation with us, you receive a practical step-by-step customized guide to help you get your home ready for sale. Our home staging professional will walk through your house with you and your realtor to determine the best ways to make the property stand out. They will offer expert opinions to make the place more attractive, brighter, and spacious.

The downside to this method is that there are different tasks to do based on the recommendations suggested. As a result, you have to put in a bit of sweat equity into the process. Similarly, there may be some bigger projects suggested but might not be possible within your time frame, budget, or capabilities (for example, painting and carpet cleaning). While performing the tasks recommended by our staging expert is your duty, you also have the option of hiring us for further staging assistance.

2. E-consultation

With an E-consultation, you receive professional recommendations through digital methods to get your home ready for listing photo shoots and the real estate market. Through this method of consultation, there will be a constant back and forth of photos and videos as opposed to an on-site walkthrough. An E-consultation will work well during COVID-19 as it supports social distancing during this time. At the same time, this method is quick and easy and will still get similar results as an on-site consultation would.

A disadvantage to this method is that the consultation is based on photos you or your realtor provide. So your staging specialist depends on you to deliver clear images that showcase every room, problem area, and hallway that needs attention. Another challenge is that this consultation does not occur in person, so the stager is not physically there to see things that cannot be picked up in photos or videos. A lack of adequate technology or knowledge to use modern recording devices can also add to your difficulties.

Bottom line

While both consultation options have their pros and cons, we suggest you choose an option that is relevant to your needs. For example, on-site consultations are great for someone who is very thorough and has pre-planned their marketing strategies. An E-commerce consultation, on the other hand, is perfect for someone who has a tight budget or lives further away and wants to save on time and money.

But, if there are any problem areas that need closer attention as the camera or video can’t do justice to them, or you want an opportunity to showcase the property live to a professional, not just virtually, schedule an on-site consultation. It is worth investing in an on-site staging consultation as the in-person examination of your house will ensure that nothing is missed. Nevertheless, if the circumstances don’t allow, an E-consultation will work just as well.

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