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In the home staging industry, initial consultations are crucial to ensure the whole process can be planned and executed with ease and efficiency. However, it’s not always possible to meet with our clients for this consultation, given their busy schedule, and the challenges posed by COVID-19. These aspects make it difficult to assess the client’s property and discuss action plans face to face. In an attempt to cut down on consultation time and allow our clients the convenience of attending consultations from the comfort of their home and at a time suitable for them, Destined Dreams has introduced virtual home staging e-consultation services.

Our virtual consultations are mainly designed to assist clients in owner-occupied homes. That is a home where the owners or their furnishings will remain for the duration of the sale. During our Standard Virtual Occupied E-Consultation, we conduct:

1. A detailed property review (through photos provided by you) before the consultation

2. An hour-long virtual walk-through with DDHS Stager via video messaging app

3. A full home evaluation

4. A written report including all notes regarding the suggested updates, repairs, furniture arrangements, and decorating 

5. A Client Care Package that will be sent to you electronically before our meeting (this informative package explains the
    home staging process, and provides tips and checklists for getting started)

By offering these elements to you, we can do everything in our power to provide you the same great experience that our consultations have always provided. That too from the comfort of your own home! Moreover, when we go over every aspect of a property, we can assure you optimal staging. That way, you can draw more attention to your listing and secure more offers on your property.

Our virtual consultations are available to property sellers and real estate agents as well

To schedule your online consultation appointment with us today, click here to complete our booking form. You can even contact our management office by emailing us at or by giving us a call at 647-891-3381.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive an email confirmation outlining the next necessary steps, including how to connect to your e-consultation and submit photos and details before your appointment. Payments for the consultation can be made via e-transfer or credit card link. In the case of new clients, we will require pre-payment for consultation services.

Our Virtual Owner-Occupied Staging E-Consultation starts at $200. Our inspection report, on the other hand, is around $300. It is a comprehensively written staging consultation and includes our exclusive Client Care Package, which comes for FREE. Our Walk ‘N’ Talk option is $250 and begins with a verbal discussion for occupied homes.

If you’re looking to save time, money, energy, and effort with a home staging consultation like ours, feel free to reach out to Destined Dreams today! We are Hamilton’s official number one most affordable, trusted, and talented home staging and redesign firm. Your Certified Ultimate Stagers offer professional home staging and styling, property enhancement, and interior designing services to a wide range of homeowners. Our services are designed to spruce up your property to enhance its appearance and intrigue the modern home buyer.

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