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Selling a home these days can be tough. Buyers have become more particular. People care more about looking for fresh, aesthetically furnished rooms where they can create their dream setting. This is why staging has become so important. You might think that you are able to stage your property on your own. But remember that this act goes beyond just decorating and cleaning.

Hiring a professional stager gives you that edge you need for your home to stand out and get it sold faster and with a better value. The experts at Destined Dreams can make your home staging experience a great experience. We can provide you with a one-hour consultation where you get a written and well-detailed report regarding the entire process, making it incredibly easy to understand. 

This is the first launching step of preparing a property for sale inside and out. We will conduct a thorough walk-through home analysis inspection report to determine how your property can be best represented for the optimum sale. During our consultation, we will discuss modifications that we would highly recommend to elevate the value of your home. We will identify what areas need extra attention, taking care of each and every detail.

This is the classic case of Do-It-Yourself sweat equity versus a complete service, or somewhere in the middle. We address common repairs, cleaning, curb appeal, and declutter. In addition to information on furniture placement, paint color theories, accessories, art, and lighting. Consultations give customers a well-detailed action plan of everything that needs to be done for their home to sell. Motivated sellers are open to suggestions and direction and more are willing to have a professional point things out.

We help sellers prepare for the market by guiding them through the process of getting sellers from where they are to where they want to be. We give them a direct path to achieve winning results, make their lives easier, and make an instant impact. Our written consultations include our FREE Client Care Package, an informative package with tips and checklists to enhance your consultation experience! 

If you are looking for a home staging and redesign firm in Hamilton, Ontario, contact us at NOW 647-891-3381 or email us at ddreamshomestaging@gmail.com.  At Destined Dreams, we take pride in being reliable, driven, quality-focused, committed and courteous while fostering rewarding relationships, professional partnerships and respectful work environments. We promise to take all the required steps to ensure the journey for you is a positive experience. Our services include home owner, real estate agent, property investor, house flipper, real estate developer, business, commercial, corporate and retail, property manager, event planner, private clients.

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