Getting To Know Your Stager

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If you’re interviewing other Stagers, ask them these important 11 questions

1. Do you work as a full-time Stager? ________YES _______NO

2. How long have you been in the staging business?

3. How many homes do you typically stage in a year?

4. Do you have a list of references that we may call?

5. What is your average time on the market?

6. Where do you rank in your industry?

7. How many properties do you currently have staged right now?

8. What is the market trend now?

9. How strong is your name recognition in the market area?

10. Do you have a written marketing plan specifically designed to stage my home?

11.Do you advertise our home? Where and how often?

If the Stager you are interviewing falls short, can’t substantiate or hedges in any way, you’re interviewing the wrong Stager!

Make sure the Stager can back up any and all statements. Take a “show me” attitude!
Don’t be shy, staging is an investment for one of your biggest asset!

Getting To Know Your Stager