Why You Should Use Home Staging in Property Marketing

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How do people make their buying decisions?

How do people make their buying decisions

Before you set up your next marketing campaign, this is a question you should answer. Knowing what moves people to take action can help you get more out of your marketing efforts. If you understand why a buyer overlooks one home, only to end up buying a similar but higher-priced property, you will be on your way to becoming a more effective marketer.

Why do your potential buyers behave the ways they do?

Two vital factors motivate people’s buying decisions. Firstly, they are dissatisfied with something in their past and looking for a way to move away from it. Secondly, they are drawn to something in the future and searching for ways to reach that thing. People are driven by what they hate and what they seek.

Some may express these hidden motivations differently, but they are present in every person. It will help you understand that when buyers reject your property, they do so because of an experience or a future dream. Your potential buyers judge your offer by how it helps them avoid their fears and achieve their visions.

How does this insight help your marketing?

Sell dreams, not houses

When you recognize that emotional points of view influence most buying decisions, you start to understand the power of the emotional components of your marketing. Each message you send out must target the subconscious factors that motivate a potential buyer’s actions, says Peak Residential Inc. It would be best if you speak to people’s deepest desires.

How does this insight help your marketing

An effective way to do this is through memorable visual marketing. The first contact buyers have with your property should leave a deep impression on them and move them to immediate action. The property should appear as the total realization of the buyer’s dreams and the ultimate next step to instantly elevating their social status.

How can you do this?

You can do this using one of the best and most-tested visual marketing tools for marketing real estate, namely, home staging. What is home staging, and why is it the recommended strategy for selling your property?

Home Staging and why it works

Home staging uses the same world-building strategies used by movie makers. It employs the elements of interior design, sales psychology, and visual marketing to create an impression of a home as the ideal home a buyer seeks. It does this by deploying décor, colors, lighting, and furniture in a way that matches that buyer’s expectations for their dream home.

Home staging is effective because it helps you make the most from two significant factors for marketing properties today. Firstly, it is uniquely suited to the digital environment, where most of your contact with potential buyers will happen. Secondly, it introduces the “wow factor”, which is the key to getting potential buyers to fall in love with your property.

How and why home staging creates effective property marketing

How and why home staging creates effective property marketing

1.Owners are often handicapped by their perceptions

When homeowners present their homes to buyers, they do it based on what they think buyers will like. But those assumptions are based on what the owner would like if they were in the buyer’s shoes. What happens is that the homeowner ends up marketing the home in a way that makes it appealing to only buyers who are like them, thereby limiting their reach.

2. Home stagers know the customers’ desires

Professional stagers understand the trends that drive buyers’ choices. They are current with the latest paint colors, décor, furniture styles, and lighting techniques. They know what buyers are looking for and how to give it to them. The photos of a staged home remind buyers of the homes they have been admiring, leading them to prefer the staged home.

3. Home stagers understand spaces

Professional stagers know how to use the spaces inside a home to maximum effect. They know how to make rooms look larger and brighter than they are. They can set up a home to show potential buyers what they can do with its spaces. They will stage the home to highlight its best features and draw attention away from its weak points.

4. Home stagers create highly evocative images

By using strategic placement, captivating paint colors, alluring lighting, and the best angles, professional stagers create photos and videos that are highly shareable. The result is that images of a professionally staged home get more views and are more likely to find the right buyer for the house in the shortest time. That is why staging a home helps it to sell faster and for more money.