How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

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When trying to sell your home, finding a buyer fast and selling it for as much money as possible are the two topmost things on your mind. Apart from the anxiety of having a home for sale that no one seems to be interested in, the length of time a listing spends on the market also affects its sales price.

How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

Buyers will show less interest in a home if it has been on the market for a long time. This is because the listing’s days on the market (DOM) leads people to wonder if there is something wrong with the home, explains Leenan Properties. Even if a buyer eventually makes an offer for the property, it will usually be a lowball offer.

Homes that sell within 10 days of being listed often attract 98-100% of their initial selling price. If the home sells 46 days after being listed, the owners may realize 89.82% of their original price. But after six months, a house will often get less than 83.68% of its original selling price.

How soon you sell your home, after listing it, makes much difference to how much money you get for it. The DOM also affects your carrying costs while you wait to find a buyer. But the big question is what you can do to make your house sell faster and for more money.

How a Professional Home Stager Can Help You Sell Your House

The standard strategy employed by every seller is to explain the advantages of their home’s location or showcase its size, physical condition, and the up-to-date renovations they have done to the property. Any listing without this information will often be overlooked by buyers.

But when every seller is doing the same things, those things become ordinary. They no longer offer any individual seller the ability to make their house stand out. Besides, something must draw buyers in and get them to look at your home before they even discover its unique qualities.

How to grab buyers’ attention is the main challenge with selling your house. How do you get online buyers to scroll and click on the pictures of your house? How do you get them to love the images enough that they want to physically visit the property?

This is the challenge. But it is a challenge that is easily solved by having your home professionally staged. What does it mean to stage a home and how does home staging help you create an image of your home that buyers find irresistible?

Home staging: The best visual marketing strategy for real estate

Staging is the art and science of presenting a home in a way that makes it reflects the buyer’s deepest desires for their future home. Rather than promote the home from the viewpoint of what the homeowner thinks is important, home staging targets the buyer’s aspirations.

How do professional home stagers do this?

Professional home stagers know that people who want to buy a home are not simply looking for a roof over their heads. A home is an investment in their personal dreams and social status. The emotions involved in the home buying process run deep and professional home stagers understand this.

They know that before buyers set out to look for a home, their ideas of what that home should look like are already set. Those ideas are framed by popular home design trends and the opinions of the top home design professionals. At a subconscious level, buyers are looking for a home that looks exactly like the ones they have seen in the magazines.

What does the professional home stager do? They simply give buyers what they want by using the tools of interior design, visual marketing, and photography to make the home match the buyer’s expectations. Home staging sells homes fast because it gets the buyer to fall in love with the property.

A professional home stager will:

  • Create mass appeal Create mass appeal
    The professional home stager will depersonalize the home by stripping it of the owner’s personal design preferences. This will make the home appealing to a wider audience and expand its marketing reach.
  • Make the home shine on the digital platform
    Professional stagers have mastered the art of placement, lighting, and photography. They know how to create video/photo images that are highly evocative and sharable. This helps create viral marketing.
  • Highlight the home’s potential
    Professional stagers know how to present a home to make it larger, brighter, and inviting. They know how to mask the negative aspects of the home while drawing attention to its best features.
  • Create FOMO in the buyer’s minds

    Create FOMO in the buyer’s minds

  • Buyers who visit a home that has been staged professionally are motivated to act fast because of the fear of missing out (FOMO). They don’t want another buyer to beat them to the home.
  • Get higher offers for the home
    Due to the buyer’s fear of missing out, they will often make a bigger offer for the home. This is partly because of the higher value buyers place on a well-staged home and partly because they want to fend off competitors.

In summary, a professional home stager will help your home sell faster; they will save you precious time and also make you more money in the process.