Faux Greenery, Real Respect: Your Guide to Making Realistic Fake Plants Seem Real

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  • Enjoy all the aesthetic benefits of decorating with plants while bypassing the hard work that comes with keeping them alive
  • Create an environment that allows your faux greenery to seamlessly blend in with your apartment decor
  • Earn real respect with your fake plants

Whether you're looking to add a little color to your apartment or just hoping to trick your friends into thinking you're more nurturing than you actually are, fake plants are an elegant solution to infuse some life into your living room.

Once you acquire your faux nursery, however, the question becomes, how do you earn real respect from your fake plants? That's why we put together 10 of the most effective and creative tips available to help you become the (fake) green thumb you always knew you could be.

Start small

While you're building up the legend of your indoor gardening prowess, it's important to start small. It's the little details that can out even the most realistic fake plants as manufactured. Because of this, small fake plants are the easiest to pass off as real. Combine small stature with some of the steps listed below and you'll be basking in the glory of green thumb praise in no time.

2. Aim high

When it comes to passing off your fake plants as real, space is key. Creating space between your faux plants and your friends will prevent any close scrutiny or physical touch, the two biggest enemies of realistic fake plants. Whether you're taking advantage of the exposed ductwork in your urban loft or installing a small army of Command Hooks high up on the wall above the couch, hanging your fake greenery is a great way to get away from close inspections while still filling your walls with color.

3. Dust with diligence

Dust with diligence

Even if it doesn't directly identify your plants as fake, dust is not something you want clinging to your faux greenery and covering up the vibrant colors that should brighten up your apartment. Take a couple of minutes every few weeks to give your plants a little attention with the duster and enjoy your dust-free apartment filled with the finest-looking fake plants on the block.

4. Soak up the sun

What better way to convince your guests that your fake plants are real than by acting like they're real? We're not talking about watering them daily or buying special nutrients, that would defeat the purpose of having fake plants in the first place. We're talking about using the sun.
Strategically place your fake plants in locations around your apartment that get significant sunlight. This not only looks more natural than placing your faux plants in a dark corner, but it also gives your apartment a brighter look with the natural light bouncing off your unnatural greenery.

5. Make use of mini terrariums

Make use of mini terrariums

The logic behind this one is simple: put a piece of glass between your realistic fake plants and those who could potentially call them out as such. Little terrariums are great at making fake plants look perfectly natural. Like a snowglobe for your fake plants, these tiny glass enclosures provide your faux greenery with a specified and unique environment to live out their plastic lives.

6. That's a (burlap) wrap

Another quick way to add a realistic look to your fake plant is to give its pot a burlap wrap. Because burlap is often used in agriculture, this quick trick makes your fake plant look like it just got pulled from the garden that morning and, as an added bonus, folds in a rustic vibe on top of it all.

7. Imply danger

If hanging your plants out of reach or placing them in a small terrarium isn't enough to keep prying eyes at bay, try popping a little "DANGER POISONOUS" sign at the base of the plant. Full disclosure, this plan can backfire and cause more intrigue than fear. However, it's also an effective way to acknowledge that your plants are fake while making a light-hearted joke in the process.

Want to take your deception to the next level? Pick something that looks like it's native to your area. Check out this list of some of the most common poisonous plants probably lining the streets outside your apartment right now.

8. Pepper in real plants

Pepper in real plants

Contrast is a powerful thing. By prominently displaying one or two low-maintenance real plants in your growing indoor garden of faux greenery, you add a layer of legitimacy to your collection and immediately discourage further scrutiny of your fake plants placed far away from eye level or protected by a handmade "POISON" sign.

9. Pepper in overtly fake plants

This method leverages the same power of contrast used above, just in the opposite direction. By adding a pool noodle cactus or paper fig tree to the mix, you immediately make any surrounding realistic fake plants look even more realistic.

As an added bonus, this gives you the chance to channel your creativity and spend some time crafting up something that fits perfectly with your overall apartment aesthetic.

10. Display dried flowers

Display dried flowers

Loophole alert: Dried flowers can last up to a year with hardly any upkeep. If displayed away from direct sunlight these plants look real, act fake, and are the perfect addition to any apartment embracing a more natural décor. The main difference between these pieces of natural decoration and faux plants is that you'll need to replace them about once per year.

Fake plants can earn real respect

Would it be great to have a green thumb? Yes. But the fact is if you've read this far, you probably don't. Remember, all it takes is a little effort and creative thinking to pass off your fake plants as real. Put into practice some of the tips listed above and enjoy your new title as the green thumb of your building.

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