Fall Home Staging Ideas That Will Make Your House Stand Out

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Are you a real estate owner ready to sell your home during the spooky season? You have come to the right place. Fall is the cosiest of all seasons and it’s a great time to decorate a lovely and welcoming home with warm undertones.

When it’s chilly outside you get the perfect opportunity to lure potential buyers in with the smell of pumpkin spice and fuzzy blankets. We can give you some fall home staging tips to attract customers. So start playing Red (Taylor’s Version) and get to work

1. Use Warm Colours

You can make someone feel the warmth just by the sight of warm colours. It’s a psychology hack - colours have a huge impact on feelings. Red, orange, and brown undertones on the walls are going to attract buyers during the cold season. The first thing to do to get the fall aesthetic right is to warm up the walls.

How to warm up the home without renovating you ask?
In order to achieve the goal, you don’t necessarily need to repaint the walls. You can easily use some wall art. Just try not to overdo it. Use neutral fall colours that will remind people of the autumn leaves. Create a new cosy palette for the home.

You can use curtains, table covers, and carpets to keep the consistency of the colours. Another great trick to let the warmth cover your walls is to literally do that - let some light in. However little it may be in the fall, sunlight is going to give the home unimaginable beauty.

You might be wondering exactly what shades would be the best for such a project. Professionals at Destined Dreams can consult you to help with the design. Home design is an art as any other. Balancing the colours is not easy. Your taste might not fit the taste of others, which is why you need someone to guide you through what’s objectively desirable.

2. Decorate With Fruit

Apples and pumpkins are some of the most exciting things to happen in the fall. Not only are they very delicious but they can also be used as decorations. Red apples and green pears in a small bowl on a table somewhere will bring it all together.

Pumpkins are the most seasonal fruit in the fall. We wouldn’t recommend using Halloween decorations - since it could be offensive to some buyers due to various cultures. However, you can put a small, lovely pumpkin somewhere in the kitchen - without a creepy smile on it.

3. Remember to Use Scent

Only focusing on the visual aspects of the house is not enough while home staging for fall - or for any season. You must pay attention to every detail. Take everything into account. Every buyer has their own preference, something they find more important than the others. In case chasing details gets difficult for you you can contact a home staging company that offers great service.

If the home doesn’t smell nice, it leaves an impression of filthiness. Not only does a nice scent make the house feel clean, but it also attracts buyers.

There are things that remind us of seasons - each smell has some sort of association with it. Pumpkin spice is going to make your home very attractive during the season. It’s a cliche we know, but cliches exist for a reason - everyone loves them. You can use scented candles and air fresheners.

4. Emphasise Cosiness

We love fall because we can sit on a couch with a fuzzy blanket and a cup of cocoa in our hands while it’s raining outside. That feeling of safety gives us endorphins. Use it as an advantage when fall comes.

Leave fuzzy blankets on the couch. Add some plaid to the decorations. Put lovely tiny cups on display to show the buyers how they could enjoy chilly evenings at home. Throw some pillows on the sofa and on the beds. Put a lamp with warm dim lighting on the bedside table.

5. Books and Music

A very helpful tip that we can give you is to fill the shelves with books. Preferably with old-timey books with attractive covers. Use Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters’ novels for the perfect results. Fall is known to be a reading season - it’s the best and the most relaxing therapy for some.

As for the music, we encourage you to put a record player somewhere in the corner with a set of vinyl records. It’s not essential, but it is a nice touch. Soft rock and indie music are perfect to put you in the autumn mood.


Autumn gives you a great opportunity to show your buyers how warm the estate can be. Warming up the home is not only lighting up the fireplace or turning on central heating. Using colours and decorations can be very helpful. Therefore, if you decide to make your property stand out, and sell it in the fall, don’t let go of the chance to make the most of your sale. Do everything in your power to stage a cosy and lovely home that is welcoming to anyone.