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Basements are often typically underutilized, recently we have been

asked to assist with various basement projects.

Here are some do's and dont’s in the hopes that you cancreate basement bliss for yourselves!

  • DO consider function first, what is the purpose of the space?

Is it recreational? Multipurpose? A play area?

  • DON'T begin without a basic layout and a "plan."
  • DO define the areas, and tie the design into the rest of your home.
  • DON'T ignore the flow and continuity aspect. Just because it's a"basement" it is still a third or half of your home
  • DO consider cabinetry to aid with storage and conceal Visual accentssuch as TV and components.
  • DON'T hang your TV, and forget to consider wires and components.
  • DO use similar materials as used elsewhere in the home. For

example wood flooring or chrome light fixtures

  • DON'T modify so it looks like part of a different house.

Unless your beginning with this project and the rest will follow suit.

  • DO have fun in this area try colour blocking (use various: shades on different walls).
  • DON'T get too serious or sophisticated. Remember usage and function first and foremost!
  • DO invest in furniture (that works)
  • DON'T use the hodge podge of leftovers throughout the rest ofyour home downstairs.

If you follow these few tips we’re sure the basement of your dreams is just around the corner. Good luck!